Alison Camacho




Named after the shape my little dog adopts when she sleeps, Fuzzy Comma is the brand I created for my artwork. 

Based in Bristol UK, my art is wide ranging; from interior design to murals, furniture to wall art. A lot of my artwork is resin based as this gives depth, texture and shine.

Common themes are space, dragons, geology (especially geodes), animals and nature, lights (especially LEDs and glow-in-the-dark pigments).

I am a self taught artist, originally a physicist and then a teacher of science for many years. I now have the opportunity to make the world a better place one artwork at a time, whether its a beautiful, upcycled side table, or an entry to an art competition to benefit endangered species.

I work in my rainbow coloured garden shed and I try to be as eco-friendly as possible. I feel strongly about protecting our environment, equality and education.

If you are interested in collaborating with me, I would love to hear from you.

Some examples of my art for sale:

For Sale

At 90cm diameter, this dining table will comfortably seat 4. It is designed to mimic the bands of cloud on Jupiter, and shows the blue clouds at the pole, revealed by the Juno satellite. There are multiple layers of resin so the top cloud layers are visibly above lower ones. Many of the pigments are mica based and consequently they shimmer in the light. Glitter and even more layers for the Great Red Spot mean this artwork has masses of depth and shine. It is totally unique, yet robust enough to eat from every day - form and function!

This little drop-flap table is perfect for your cup of coffee or glass of wine. Kissed by fire the volcanic geode glass top perfectly slots over the wooden base. The base has been painted with lemon and carmine furniture paint and gilded with gold leaf, then coated with several coats of clear lacquer to protect it. The glass crystals are proud of the top surface and the whole table screams out to be noticed. Currently this table is on display at Sticks 'n' Stones in Yorkshire.

For Sale

For Sale

Up-cycled from welded leaf-design wire legs, these two little tables are eco-friendly. The acrylic tops were rescued from the waste bin of a plastics factory (with permission!) and coated with my contrasting resin leaf designs. The tops are not quite flat (although they are smooth) and leaf veins are picked out with real metal glitter flakes and metallic pens. Perfect for your conservatory or for the gardener in your life! The resin is countertop grade and suitable for food-use.