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This artwork is currently on exhibition at Keep Art It in the Galleries, Bristol UK. Contact Alison here if you'd like to buy it:


Real Amethysts are used exclusively as the gemstones on this geode mini. The artwork measures 12cm on a side and the deep, white, box frame is 8inches (20cm) square and is included in the price. 


The geode is deep rich velvety violet with an ombre to pearlescent white at the centre. The edges feature silver leaf (protected by resin) and the geode lines are silver and white giving a clean and uncluttered colour scheme to this beautiful geode.


The making of this geode mini is featured in my, soon to be published, 'Making Glittering Geodes' course.

Amethyst Mini-Geode

SKU: AmethystMiniGeode
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