Do you have a creative bent? Are you interested in new challenges and new materials? Do you ever look up at the night sky and think about the vast expanse of the universe? Are you interested in the variety and complexity of the heavens? Also, do you have any friends or family who are impossible to buy gifts for?

If the answer, to any of the questions above, is 'yes', then this course is for you! You will learn how to make astronomically themed coasters, either using real astronomy images (chosen from thousands, copyright-free) or by creating your own totally imaginary and fantastical space scene using acrylic paint or inks and glitter. The method used is a layering technique which is simple to follow, yet it gives incredibly awesome results.

You will learn how to encapsulate your artworks into food-safe and robust resin and how to finish them to create desirable gifts that are totally functional, unique and which can be personalised.

Beware though! Resin art is addictive! This may be the slippery slope to a whole new world of creativity for you. I hope you will join me and learn about this most resilient and effective medium with unparalleled shine and beauty!


Included with this course is my free course Resin Coating an Artwork, for Beginners.

Awesome Astronomy Coasters, Using Resin course

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  • Once you have paid for the course you will be sent an email detailing how to download the course documents (within 30 days). This file has YouTube links to the multiple private videos which make up the course. You can work through the videos at your leisure and watch them as many times as you like for at least a year, and forever probably!

    Please don't copy or share these video tutorials, they are for your personal use only, thank you.

    If you encounter any difficulties accessing the course please email and I will help you.