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This has sold, but if you would like to commission a similar artwork, please get in touch as I take commissions.

Sculpture of honey bees on their comb.

Honey bees are threatened and yet they are prolific pollinators and essential to the health of our plants and thus our environment. Their importance cannot be overestimated and so they form part of my 'Conscience' collection.  Great care has been taken to use recycled materials where possible, so as not to impact the environment any more than absolutely necessary.

Likenesses have not been made, so if you buy this artwork you will have the only impressions ever made of these bees.

Each bee (there are two unique designs) is beautifully intricate and accurately modelled, about 20cm long and is made from modelling clay, wire and resin. The honeycomb has been made from a recycled wardrobe, reclaimed acrylic sheet and reclaimed glass crystals. Mica pigments , real metal glitter and gold leaf were used to colour the honeycomb along with resin made to look like pouring honey. The bees are worker Apis Mellifera (European honey bees) and the honeycomb shows pollen cells, honey cells and brood cells. This sculpture can be mounted horizontally, as shown, or can be attached directly to the wall; mirror plates are recommended for this, so if this is your preference please let me know at the time of purchase.

This is a substantial artwork measuring 58x68x25cm with a significant mass too.

This piece featured in the West Bristol Arts trail in Bristol, November 2020.


SKU: Bees001
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