This primarily blue and copper geode wall art features - 

  • Real Amethyst Crystals
  • Real Abalone Shell (ethically sourced)
  • Mirror Pieces
  • Blue Glass Crystals
  • Burnished Copper Leaf Edges and Sections
  • Real Metal Copper Glitter

The rich, almost electric, blue crystals drip through the central hole and the copper and lilac amethyst colours complement the blue and shell iridescence. The design continues around the edges of the artwork as does the protective resin layers and so this artwork does not have a frame. Instead it is created on a substantial substrate and a toothed picture hanger is attached to the back so this art is totally ready to hang on your wall.

The resin was poured in at least four different layers and so this artwork has depth and a myriad of exquisite details. It is also increadibly beautiful, catching any light available, with mirrors, glitter and a completely specular top-coat.

Measuring about 50cm in its longest dimension and about 30cm at right angles to that, this wall art would complement any room. It would look ideal above a mantlepiece or anywhere it can catch sunlight.

This geode features in my, soon to be published, 'Making Glittering Geodes' course.

Blue and Copper Geode

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