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A rich deep red and copper coloured asymmetric geode which is translucent to light. It has glass crystals with red glass shards and real copper glitter as well as copper leaf giving a texture to the top of this resin geode mounted on a colourless acrylic base. It is approximately 25cm across and it features copper guilding polished edges which have been protected with a resin layer over the top. Agate banding lines have been added in copper and a contrasting white. The details of this fluid artork are phenomenal and this artwork would look excellent on an light coloured plain wall or displayed in a window where sunlight will make this glittering geode sparkle. 

This artwork is original, unique and one-of a kind. It features in my making glittering geodes course which is soon to be published.

Copper and Magenta Geode

SKU: CopperMagentaGeodeWall
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