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Made with real fluorite chips, an embedded agate geode pebble, real shells and sand and subtle golden glitter all fixed in place with ocean-coloured resin. The foaming waves are picked out in pearl mica and the pigments are iridescent in strong light.


A5 in size, this notebook's back is as beautiful as the front. The front cover has texture, crystals, raised above the level of the resin, but the insides of the covers and the back cover are smooth for a pleasant writing experience. Each notebook design is totally unique.


This amazing artistic notebook is a ring binder comes with 45 pages of parchment-colour, bullet-journal-type pages, marked with grey dots 5mm apart. The paper is refillable and so buying these glamorous journal covers is an investment in yourself as it will never get filled up! Can you see yourself starting a bullet journal? A diary? Starting your novel? Or you can use it for shopping lists if you like!

Fluorite and Agate Ocean A5 Notebook

SKU: FluoriteAgateOceanA5Note
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