Have you seen the glorious geode artwork that is trending right now? These incredible sparkling artworks are amazingly beautiful and add a bit of luxury to any home. They are expensive to buy, but actually with a little bit of know-how from this course you will be able to create your own custom-made artwork to enhance your home. Not only that - but you will learn new skills in fluid art and using epoxy-resin.


This course is not prescriptive - I don't show you how I made just one geode. In the making of this course I created a dozen geodes and show you several more! This course details the techniques used and how they can be combined in different ways to create a myriad of amazing geode art. I have utilised speeded up sequences so you see the whole process without having to spend the many hours I spent creating these sparkling artworks.

You will learn:

  • How to research into this art form and creating a unique mixed media geode crystal design

  • How to shape and prepare your geode substrate

  • What crystals to choose and how to get ANY colour you like

  • How to colour resin (there are SO many ways!)

  • Methods of pouring and mixing bands (or not)

  • Adding geode banding lines

  • Adding gold/copper/silver metal leaf (several different ways)

  • Creating depth with multiple resin layers

  • Finishing and how to display


This course is designed for competent crafters starting with resin. Anyone can use resin but it does require some equipment which I have detailed in an added resource.

You will finish this course confident to tackle creating these apparently complex and intricate geode artworks.

Making Glittering Geodes, Using Resin Online Tutorial Course

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  • Once you have paid for the course you will be sent an email detailing how to download the course documents (within 30 days). This file has YouTube links to the multiple private videos which make up the course. You can work through the videos at your leisure and watch them as many times as you like for at least a year, and forever probably!

    Please don't copy or share these video tutorials, they are for your personal use only, thank you.

    If you encounter any difficulties accessing the course please email fuzzycomma@gmail.com and I will help you.