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This amazing geode wall art has many features including a myriad of real crystals:

  • Rough Green Opal
  • Selenite Rods
  • Quartz Points
  • Fluorite
  • Green Aventurine
  • Grey Agate Stones
  • Abalone Shell (ethically sourced)
  • Colourless Glass Crystals in multiple sizes
  • Mirror Pieces
  • Silver Leaf
  • Fluorescent Pigment
  • And the centre crystals light up in two different shades of white!


The edges are finished with silver leaf and coated with a layer of protective resin. The resin layers over the artwork are many and so the artwork has real depth. The geode lines are multiple different thicknesses and they cross each other over and over again giving a lacing of geode lines giving this piece both intricate and delicate details up close as well as having real impact from a distance.


This artwork measures approximately 70cm by 55cm and is mounted on 18mm thick board, so it has substantial mass and presence in a room. It is big enough to be a glittering central piece, but it is not so large as to dominate a moderate sized room and the delicate colours of pink and mint green, contrasted with the much darker green also lifts this from  being 'heavy', giving it an eye catching lightness.


This is one of my favourite ever geode artworks; can you give it a loving forever home?

Mint Green Geode

SKU: MintGeode
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