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This substantial, asymmetric artwork is 85cm by 55cm approximately and is made from resin on recycled colourless acrylic sheet, so it is saving the environment as well as being an incredibly striking statement piece!


The iridescent mica Night-Sky, Turquoise and Apricot colours are complemented by the gold leaf flakes set into the resin and the myriad of blue and colourless glass crystals and real quartz crystal points set into the design. I find these colours calming yet cheering in equal measure, and I still find myself mesmerised by it's sparkling details.


Many layers of resin poured over each other give depth and richness to the colours and design, yet the transparency of the medium gives an overall effect of lightness.


Gold geode lines add texture and details and the crystals positively drip over the edges of this transparent yet bold artwork. This would look fantastic against a white wall or hung in a window so the light can come through it.


This is a unique and original artwork that you will never find anywhere else, and once it's gone, it's gone!

Night Sky and Apricot Geode Wall Art Agate

SKU: NightSkyApricotGeodeWall
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