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This pink and white-gold geode features a real quartz point crystal flower with some of the points completely clear and some smoky quartz. Glass crystals in several sizes are also set into the resin and they allow light through from behind as the whole piece uses transparent acrylic as a base. So the design appears lighter than air and ethereal. The mica pigments chosen are iridescent and catch the light and added real-metal white-brass glitter also means this artwork is incredibly sparkling and totally breathtaking. The artwork measures approximately 25cm across and so is perfect as a table centre piece.


Ideally this geode should be displayed in a window - or possibly on a glass table - so that light can come through it from behind to reveal its inner beauty. This artwork was made as part of my, soon to be published, making a glittering geode course. It is totally unique and is the original piece shown in the course.

Quartz Flower, Pink Geode

SKU: PinkQuartzFlowerGeodeWall
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