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This artwork is currently on exhibition at Keep Art It in the Galleries, Bristol UK. Contact Alison here if you'd like to buy it:


"Rainbow Thankfulness" was a cathartic piece created during lockdown. The rainbow colours are used to reflect all the rainbows put into peoples' windows to say thanks to the NHS for all they have done during the COVID 19 pandemic.  It also uses the rainbow colours to support everyone in the LGBTQ+ community. Rainbow Thankfulness is part of my 'Conscience' collection.

This artwork is dedicated to my friend Christine, and NHS radiographer, who lost her battle with cancer in May. She was a collector and dealer of antiques and fine art and was always supportive of my art. As a member of LGBTQ+ I like to think she would approve of the bright colours and hope this artwork inspires.

"Rainbow Thankfulness" is mixed media, acrylic paint, mica pigments, quartz, aventurine, and reclaimed glass crystals with real metal glitter, encased in resin. Some of the pigments glow in UV light, deliberately extending the rainbow, beyond the visible spectrum. People do not always show their true colours but their feelings thoughts and lives are important regardless. The base is a substantial circular PVC substrate reclaimed and recycled.  It is important to me to use recycled materials in my art whenever possible, so the environmental impact is as small as possible. 

At 63cm in diameter this is a significant (and quite heavy) artwork and can either be wall mounted or I can send the colourless acrylic stand, free of charge if requested (just visible in the last two images).

This artwork featured in Emily Juliet Stevens' "Can I Use Your Window?" exhibition during the lockdown in May and June 2020 and also featured in the West Bristol Arts trail in Bristol, November 2020.

Rainbow Thankfulness

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