Resin Artist    Bristol UK

Shade to Grey
Portrait of Loki
Giant dragonfly
Pip by the sea

Fuzzycomma was named for the shape my little dog, Pip, made when she curled up asleep. Sadly Pip is no longer with us but her legacy lives on. I am a resin artist and Fuzzycomma is my art brand. 

I offer on-line resin art courses, and if you can get to Bristol UK I can teach you live - just get in touch: fuzzycomma@gmail.com

I use epoxy-resin to form a hardwearing top surface when creating art and furniture - particularly tables- either when up-cycling or creating brand new. 

Fuzzycomma designs are often geode designs, or astronomy based, (sometimes both) but always bright, cheerful, colourful, glittery and all are original and unique.