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With a very high quality Hubble Space Telescope photograph of the 30 Doradus, blue and gold, star forming region, on the top, this 58cm x 38cm side table is coated with glittering counter-top grade, hardwearing and practical, food-safe resin. The top design shows 30 Doradus which is a bright region visible within the Tarantula Nebula, which is itself within the Large Magellanic Cloud. The underside is painted with my own loose interpretation of the 30 Doradus region picked out in metallic copper and gold and embellished with lots of glitter and star burst lines on the larger stars.


The legs are a black-painted, folding hairpin design, so this piece of art can be efficiently stored when not in use. The curved feet are covered with a neat,  non-slip rubbery finish. This little side table is the perfect height for placing next to your sofa for your coffee or wine.


This table is one of a collection of 6 astronomy themed Hubble designs with foldable hairpin legs. There are 3x shorter ones with a height of 45cm (like this one) and 3x taller ones with a height of 55cm. 


The top has subtle holographic glitter embedded in the resin making this unique table very eye-catching and very interesting to the astronomer in your life.

30 Doradus Side Table

SKU: AstroTableDoradus
  • The resin used for all my tables is countertop grade Glass Cast Resin which is safe for food use. It is hardwearing and robust but please use coasters for hot drinks.

    Resin surfaces can be wiped down with a soft, soapy, damp cloth but please avoid using anything abrasive on the surface.

    Very small scratches can be disguised by wiping the surface with a very small quantity of vegetable oil.

    If the worst happens, the epoxy resin can be polished. Please seek advice from me before attempting any polishing please.

    I hope you truly enjoy living with your unique piece of fucntional art

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