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This artwork is currently on exhibition at Keep Art It in the Galleries, Bristol UK. Contact Alison here if you'd like to buy it:


This 12cm mini-geode features a large turquoise-blue apatite stone surrounded by blue glass of various different shades. These are set with resin in lilac and electric blue mica pigments. The geode lines are blue, white and silver and the silver leaf continues the design over the edges of the piece. The geode is set in an 8inch (20cm) polished grey, square, box frame with a brilliant white mount beneath.


This design is fresh and clean and gives the impression of wind and water despite being made from rock!


This geode was made as part of my upcoming 'Making Glittering Geodes' tutorials which you should check-out if you would consider making something like this yourself.  If you send me an email I will notify you when it publishes soon.


Blue Apatite Mini-Geode

SKU: BlueApatiteMiniGeode
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