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Berthold is one of my completely handmade and unique gecko coasters. The original gecko was made from clay and I formed a silicone mould from it. A limited edition of 25 uniquely coloured resin geckos have been made and each received a unique name (decided on by my daughter).

This creature can be used as a coaster - but it is a conversation piece for any table. Why not collect a set? One for each member of the family?


Berthold is the only gecko which is stuffed with crushed glass crystals, giving him mass and gravitas. This also means that Berthold's form is slightly less defined than other geckos, with air inclusions in his structure, giving him a more interesting visage. The bottom of Berthold has also been formed against a diffraction grating - so in sunlight the bottom of this gecko reflects rainbows - see the videos! A truly one-of-a-kind artwork!


Made from counter-top grade resin, this gecko can survive a hot cup of coffee or a glass of wine - but it is not a trivet and so should not be used for a hot pan. It is food-safe and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. 

Gecko Coaster - Berthold

SKU: GeckoBerthold
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