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This unique notebook has now sold - but if you would like me to make you one similar, please contact me:


This notebook is my personal favourite. The resin is textured both front and back with so many recycled crushed glass crystals that the holes could not be drilled in exactly the correct places. The edges of the resin are coated with gold leaf which has been allowed to cover the inside of some regions of the cover. There are air pockets and bubble inclusions in the resin and the whole thing is gloriously tactile and heavy. Oodles of golden glitter and sparse gold paint add glamour and the resin is transparent so the cover is translucent and will allow a hint of what is to be found inside to be seen through it.


A5 in size, this notebook's back is as beautiful as the front. The outside of the covers both have crystals raised above the level of the resin, but the insides of the covers are smooth for a pleasant writing experience. Each notebook design is totally unique.


This amazing artistic notebook is a ring binder comes with 45 pages of parchment-colour, bullet-journal-type pages, marked with grey dots 5mm apart. The paper is refillable and so buying these glamorous journal covers is an investment in yourself as it will never get filled up! Can you see yourself starting a bullet journal? A diary? Starting your novel? Or you can use it for shopping lists if you like!

Gold Crushed Glass A5 Notebook

SKU: GoldGlassA5Notebook
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