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A glittering teal and golden art work for your living room. This 75cm square and 50cm tall coffee table is a double sided piece of art. Epoxy-resin has been flowed over a bevelled glass base. It also has UV pigments embedded in it so it glows in black-light. The abstract design has depth and originality and is brilliantly eye-catching. The photos don't do it justice. A totally unique piece of furniture. Art with a function! 

Square of Spirals Table

SKU: SquareSpirals
  • The resin used for all my tables is countertop grade Glass Cast Resin which is safe for food use. It is hardwearing and robust but please use coasters for hot drinks.

    Resin surfaces can be wiped down with a soft, soapy, damp cloth but please avoid using anything abrasive on the surface.

    Very small scratches can be disguised by wiping the surface with a very small quantity of vegetable oil.

    If the worst happens, the epoxy resin can be polished. Please seek advice from me before attempting any polishing please.

    I hope you truly enjoy living with your unique piece of fucntional art

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